Conscious Shopping with PA: Transformation Comes From Learning

Well hello there gals, today we want to bring you a topic dear to our heart. In fact, it is the very reason we created Palais Armoire: Conscious Shopping. Palais Armoire is an independent boutique for young style-conscious women focusing on purse-friendly conscious shopping, with the goal to helping you create a wardrobe you'll cherish forever.

Truth bomb: becoming a conscious shopper isn't easy when we're bombarded with fast fashion brands that churn out undeniably attractive clothing at such a speed we just keep adding to basket. But, this type of shopping has got to change. And deep down, if you're anything like us, you know that. 

We are a boutique with a difference. We care deeply about where our clothes come from, and we endeavour to help you on the journey to learning how to shop mindfully. We fully support the work of Fashion Revolution and The Sustainable Fashion Forum, among others, who tirelessly promote the need for a true revolution within the fashion industry. We too believe in people and the world over profit.

Invest in quality over quantity. Rather than shopping based on price, shop consciously by adding pieces to your wardrobe that will add qualitative value. When you see even just one piece that makes your heart burst that's when you've found the one. Having deep connections with your clothes is a mindful way to shop sustainably and consciously. We have the philosophy at Palais Armoire to treat wardrobes like palaces. Palais Armoire in fact means Wardrobe Palace.

There is so much left for us to learn as a boutique as we grow, but we're ready for the challenge. We are totally plugged in to revolutionising the industry and just want to make a positive impact on the world. 

So what do we at Palais Armoire do to be conscious? 

Firstly, we don't stock more than we predict to sell. We are all guilty of filling our wardrobes to capacity and this can quickly happen to a boutique too. So we always carefully analyse our forecasts, and predict our sales in a way that means we strategically and consciously stock.

Secondly, we use local suppliers. Of course, the clothes are made in factories across the world, but the wholesalers we order from have warehouses local to us: all in the Greater Manchester area. 

Thirdly, we are transparent. We will no doubt make mistakes on this journey, but we are going to be open and honest all the way. We want to use our Instagram in particular to build a community of young women on a mission to change mindsets to fast fashion and inspire others to shop consciously.

All our love,


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