PA Pop Up: Our first one!

Salut tout le monde, that's French for “hey everyone”, Anna here. 

On August 8, 2020, we hosted our first Pop Up shop! It was at the Barlow in Edgworth, basically my village hall. I did my primary plays there and went to birthday parties there, my cousins even got married there! - so to do a Pop Up at the Barlow was really special.

All of our pieces were available to buy on the day, with more sizes and PA totes available to pre-order.

We had the pieces on our rail, really showcasing how perfect for summer the pieces, are and it gave us the opportunity to show those who came to visit us how they could style them. 

We are sure we will be doing another Pop Up soon, especially as it was so much fun. Time to find some new hotspots in Lancashire/Greater Manchester that will host us.



Anna x

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