1 Year of Palais Armoire

Today marks 1 year since the birth of Palais Armoire. Born out of a need to begin a conscious shopping journey, our founder Anna new more needed to be done in the fashion industry to celebrate the craftsmanship of clothes and cultivate a healthy relationship with shopping for new pieces. 

Far too much of the industry is saturated with throw-away culture, wear-once-and-never-again. Guilty of falling into this trap herself, Anna knew things needing to change.

Building a wardrobe that lasts and is timelessly stylish has always remained at the core of Palais Armoire. From print to pattern, colour to motif, each PA piece is hand-selected and chosen with you in mind. Our selection offers purse-friendly, stylish, on-trend pieces that are both current and timeless - perfect for the fashion-conscious and those who just love a new pretty addition to their collection. Cherish your wardrobe. There is is so much joy to be found in clothes that carry a story. 

Happy 1st Birthday to our dearly loved brand, thank you to you our customers and here’s to a hopeful second year full of gorgeous clothes and mindful purchases! 

Love, Palais Armoire x 

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